Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Form Builder

Form builder is a tool for creating forms. It is intended for servicing those who are not skilled in programming and code. But if you are not skilled in programming how can you choose a form builder that will suit your needs?

There are many solutions out there providing a service of form creation for such a target audience and this is what's so good about the internet - you get a variety of results for every search. But this variety may also be confusing for some, because sometimes when you are not sure of what exactly you're looking for you can get lost.

The only way to find the right tool for you, especially if you are not a technical person, is trial and error (just like every other thing in life). In general all form builders have the same purpose and so subsequently many of the general operations seem identical. The big differences lie mostly in the form creation process, publishing of the form and data entry capabilities.

Every tool offers a different package. For example some will only enable you to create a new form from scratch while others may give you the option of using templates as well.
Some will limit you on the number of forms you may create or the amount of data you may collect through the form, while others will not.

All tools will have a different interface and may use different terms to describe the same operation, but this is not a big issue once you understand the general process of form creation: Create, Publish, Manage.
Most form builders today have a trial version or a test user that enables you to actually experience the tool and see if it's right for you. The best thing would be to play with these tools and learn what are the features you really need and what you can do without.

Once you are better acquainted with the operations you will be able to better asses other tools which have no trial version just from reading about them.

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