Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Ultimate Body Applicator by ItWorks

Are you looking to drop an inch or two really fast? Tired of the standard diets and exercise? Try The Ultimate Body Applicator with the Defining Gel from ItWorks.
The Ultimate Body Applicator is one of the best wraps to lose weight on the market. Add the defining gel and really increase your results. The body wrap will help you lose weight and drop inches.
When I first tried the wrap I was very skeptical of the results I had seen and heard of. On my first wrap I was able to drop 1” in 45 minutes from my waist. Amazing and fast results from ItWorks body wrap.
The body wrap is made of all natural products and is designed to:
·         Tighten, firm and tone the skin.
·         Redefine and sculpt your body’s contours.
·         Improve the tightness and texture of your skin.
·         Lasting and fast results with continued use.

Make sure that you follow the instructions with The Ultimate Body Applicator for the best results. 

1.       Choose the area that you want to tighten and tone.
2.       Wash the area thoroughly and make sure it is dried properly.
3.       Apply defining gel to the area.
4.       Apply the body wrap with the lotion side to the skin.
5.       Secure the applicator with ItWorks wrap, ace bandage, plastic wrap or tight fit clothing.
6.       Drink water, water and more water.
7.       Make sure the applicator stays on the area for at least 45 minutes. If this is the first use remove after 45 minutes. If you have used the body wrap in the past it can remain on longer.
8.       Remove the body applicator and rub in the remaining lotion.

Now check out the amazing results.

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